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Landlord & Tenant
The Law Offices of Scott C. Wrenn, P.C. understands both Landlord and Tenants have rights that need to be protected. If you are a landlord or property manager, we can assist in the following ways:

- Draft residential or commercial leases

- Prevent and resolve disputes cost effectively

- Evictions

Provide guidance in complying with highly technical state laws such as:

- Security deposit law

- Lead paint law

If you are a tenant, we help you:

- Review residential or commercial leases

- Demand a safe living environment that complies with the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code

- Provide processes and legal support in the event of unsafe or unsanitary conditions or housing code violations

- Protect Security Deposits A lease is a legally binding contract, so you want to be sure you understand what you are signing and that you are protected. You should always have a lawyer look at any lease or contract you sign, either as a landlord or a tenant.